Laser intensity

I'm trying some Inkscape's plugin for convert an image into gcode...
But some plugins change the laser intensity with the command:

M03 S*

Does repetier support laser intensity with this command?
If yes, from which value? Because I'm try some gcode and:

M03 S60
M03 S10

etc does not turn on the laser...



  • Edit:

    Yes, repetier support laser intensity...
    With "M03 S200" laser turn ON.

    So there is a threshold...maybe the maybe the minimum value is 128?
  • No, you just can switch ON and OFF.
    Values >199 switch Laser on
    Values<200 switch Laser off
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    There is the possibility to add the laser intensity?
    Maybe i have to edit drivers.cpp?
    Something like this should work? My laser is on HotEnd 0 output of Ramps...

    uint8_t LaserDriver::intensity = 255; // Intensity to use for next move queued if we want lasers. This is NOT the current value!
    bool LaserDriver::laserOn = false;
    void LaserDriver::initialize()
    #if LASER_PIN > -1
    void LaserDriver::changeIntensity(uint8_t newIntensity)
            // Default implementation
    #if LASER_PIN > -1
            analogWrite(LASER_PIN, newIntensity);
    #endif // SUPPORT_LASER
  • for shure you can modify refer for example thread " laser section" for some informations.

    for modification best solution is to use custom Events as it makes future updates easy

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