conversion from old to new firmware using repetier firmware configuration tool using diamond hotend.

I bought a delta 3d printer kit  with double extruder. The printer came with the repetier firmware. it was working fine but had a twisted prints. instead of fixing that print that I decided to go for the diamond hot end using the stepper expander. I ordered the stepper expander X2 and want to build the firmware using the configurature tool. is there any already made firmware for that? 

So far I attached only two extruders and trying to use the configurature tool. I have two problems: 

1.   As soon as I switch on the heat using the repetier host, the error message is for the heater decoupling and switching all heaters off. 
2.   Z axis moves down very slowly for printer. 

Please help 


  • Can any body help/
  • Can anybody help please !!
  • my first guess is that you now have a single heater and temp sensor for both extruders (since they are all one now)....this is probably different from how it was pre diamond head.  As a result the second extruder temp throws an uncoupled error if you tell it to head up.  

    I would build a clean firmware set and have it rewrite the eprom too...this is a choice in the configurator as I default (I  think) the old eprom is not overwritten and so certain parameter changes are not implemented by the printer, even though the new code is loaded.
  • You need to activate mixing extruder for correct handling. In eeprom the weights for the 16 virtual extruders will be wrong having had a different setting. The new hotend might also need other timings for decoupling.
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