[1.0.0dev] Bed temperature not shown during printing

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I'm come back to Repetier with a new printer, a corexy...
Now I'm using 1.0.0dev version, but i have same problem with stable...

During printing, in the lcd does not appear the Bed Temperature:


How can i show the bed temperature?
If can help, this is my configuration.h:


Thanks a lots.
Ps. sorry if this argument was already discussed, i didn't find anything about this problem...


  • It's a bug in translation.
    uilang.h line 1777 should be
    #define UI_TEXT_BED_TEMP_IT         "Temp.Piatto:%eb/%Eb" cDEG "C"

    to show correct temperature for bed in italian language.
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    Thanks, a lot "Repetier-Helper" :P

    I have to add this issues on github?
  • No it is already fixed in dev and config tool.
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