Complete Delta autocalibration like in Marlin (G30 A)

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Hi Roland, there are hopes in the next DEV version to have a complete self-calibration for Delta printer as on Marlin ("G30 A"command), based on this concept?


  • At least that is the concept I would try. Just not sure about when I get the time. You know so many wishes open:-)
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    It's a very good system, I tested thoroughly on my Kossel XL with "MarlinKimbra" firmware and I assure you that in a few minutes you have the Delta fully calibrated with a minimum dimensional error.
    This system helped me a lot to find some precise measures for Repetier.
    Also tune right my optical endstop offset.
    Joined this would be useful to supplement the automatic storage of the ZProbe Z offset, here the command is "G30 X0 Y0 U1".
  • Please check the "autocalibration" by "DC42" (Duet Firmware), also present in Marlin 2 and MKDuo, work really fine, in one shot can autocalibrate all!

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