Question about Firmware Version .092

Thank you very much for the Host and Firmware.
I have a home made Delta printer (Ardunio MEGA, Ramps 1.4) that was working well with .91. I could change the speed setting in Simplify3D and see the effect in the printer. This was after I upped the MAX_FEEDRATE in firmware .91. .92 doesn't seem to work the same. I know I am missing a setting somewhere. Does .92 function the same as far as the #define EEPROM_MODE is concerned? If I toggle it between 1 and 2 when loading a new configuration.h will the data be written to the EEPROM?
Also, the extruder temp monitor shuts down the temp control because the temp doesn't climb fast enough. If the printer is started cold then it works fine. If I try to continue with a new print while the extruder is cooling down, I get the time out error. The odd thing is, about the time the error hits the extruder is starting to heat up but it shuts both the bed and the extruder down till a restart. Is there a parameter I can change to give it more time to recover?
Thank you


  • OK found the temp safety settings. Changed mine to 30 seconds. Also found the explanation of the MAX_FEEDRATE is MM/S however Mine acts as though it is MM/MIN. It is set to 600 - at that rate the effector should be banging on the towers. Will go down and change to some ungodly number such as 10000 - that should do it. 
  • Fixed the speed issue. Now using Marlin.
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