Extruding not retracting

Hi All,

I recently changed from Marlin to repetier firmware, but I can't get the retraction working.
Manually from the host software the extruder motor moves in both directions, so there is no electrical or mechanical problem.

In the Eeprom I have following parameters set:

Enable retraction conversion - 1
Retraction length - 5.000mm
Retraction speed - 40.00mm/s
Retraction Z-lift - 0.000mm
Extra extrusion on undo retract - 0.000mm
Retraction undo speed - 20.00mm/s

In Cura Engine I checked the box "Enable Retraction" and following parameters set:

Retraction Speed - 40.00mm/s
Retraction length - 5mm
Minimal movement before extraction - 0mm
Minimal extrusion before retraction - 0mm

I have tried to modify this parameters slowly up to even rediculous high values, but absolutely no retraction...

Someone have some tips?

Thank you in advance



  • If I remember correctly retraction conversion set to 1 requires a G10/G11 command in the gcode This is a quote from the firmware config tool:

    "This feature allows slicers to use the commands G10 and G11 for retracting and undo retracts instead of adding the moves on their own. These parameters can be changed in EEPROM later. Autoretraction converts pure E moves into G10/G11. For that reason it is when enabled not possible to extrude with only E axis. So if you want to use it, I would suggest to enable/disable it with M209 S1 and M209 S0 in the slicers start and end g-code so it is normally disabled."

    I have mine set to 0 using EEPROM settings tab.
  • Do not use retraction conversion. That tries to convert retractions from G1 Ex to G10/G11 using values stored in eeprom. That works but often gives unexpected results. Better is to set it to 0 and use slicer based retraction or say slier to create G10/G11 and set retraction distances in eeprom. New users often forget the eeprom gets not overwritten when you modify settings in configuration.h. To overwrite with configuration.h send

    when connected.
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    Mine will retract, switch extruder, but doesnt undo retract just go straight to print with no filament feeded, and z hop doesn't goes back down after lifting. All gcides required for those moves are all correct in the sliced gcode.
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