mess alignment issue


i finally got my diy 3d printer finished 
but i still got kind of mess alignment or some thing like that 

this problem happens after the second layer 
the nozzole hits the part then the mess alignment happens 




  • If you mean you hit some plastic and steppers loose steps you need more force. Steppers loos force when they move fast but maybe the current setting in general on your stepper driver is just weak.

    An other frequent reason is not hitting an object but a endstop signaling hit also not hit. This comes from crosstalk between motor/heater and sensor cables. For that reason cables should be twisted to reduce crosstalk. You can disable endstop test if this is the problem, just set ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeees :) 

    i change the Y drive and i think it works ok now 

    thank dude 
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