G29 / G32 with Marlin 1.1 and Repetier Host

Hi all,

Because I had an UNKNOWN problem with my printer and nothing helped me (I've changed all electronic components, PC, Firmware versions /Repetier/, Host versions, comunication cables, and have made some minor changes in to the mechanic), I decided that the Marlin firmware is my last hope. 

So, after some days of changing settings in Marlin, now the printer is almost ready for tests, except Z-Probing. With the Repetiers firmware it was easy to do it with G32 S0. All was OK.

But with Marlin, G32 do nothing. G29 (after G28 X0 Y0) "works" but somehow strange. 

My Setup:

Cartesian Printer with Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.4;
2pcs Z steppers / motors
Without Zmin / Zmax EndStopers
The probe is a mechanical switch with NC contacts.
The Z probe is connected on pin 19 (instead of Zmax)
Zmax pin is set to -1 in the firmware 
All PullUp's are set
All directions are set correctly
I can't do G28 Z0, because I have no Zmin EndStop
The Z probe is 22.595 mm lower than the nozzle

So, After G28 X0 Y0, I try to send G29. The printer rises Z by 10mm and moves to 4 positions (X/Y) - I guess they are the positions set in the firmware /I have no ANY indications for X / Y values/. If I touch the Z probe by hand (disconect the contacts), the printer moves to the next position and after the 4-th one it stops.

BUT If I DO NOT touch the probe, and it is high enough over the bed, the printer lowers the Z to some value (have no idea what exactly) WITHOUT TOUCHING THE BED, then returns to the preview high and repeats this to all 4 positions. 

The question is:

Can I somehow to use Z probing with Marlin and Repetier Host ?

P.S. G30 / G31 / G32 do nothing!


  • The host has nothing to do with z probing. It just sends commands to firmware. So it is no problem to use it with marlin, but how this works you will need to ask Marlin users.
  • Thanks! 

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