Extra extrusion on travel needed?

I've noticed that upon completion of long (>5mm or so) travel moves, extrusion takes a bit of distance to resume expected volume.  What variables should I adjust to compensate for this?  I already have 4mm set for Extra Extrusion upon Undo Retract. 


  • 4mm extra is too much. That would give massive blobs unless your undo retraction speed is so high that motor stalls. It is normally 0.1mm or so. And this is also only after retracts. For 5mm you often have no retract at all and then nothing helps. Best is to keep travel time short so travel faster to ooze less. For my printer I do not need extra extrusion for good prints at all. Maybe you are also extruding too hot melting pla that does then not react, who knows. How bad is it that you noticed this.
  • Thanks for the reply.  I will speed up travel and reduce retract distance, and see what that does to quality.

    On an unrelated note (perhaps this goes in another forum location), does the Repetier firmware connect to the Lyman filament sensor kit (http://owi.storenvy.com/)?  This would seem to reduce dependency on high quality filament diameter variance. 

  • Maybe you should also check the extruder start speed and acceleration. If your filament starts to slip from too high values you might also miss start.

    The Lyman sensor is currently not supported by the firmware. We have a volumetric mode that could be used to adjust it but we have no testing hardware for this. If a user sends a patch we will of course add it :-)
  • I assume if I install the Marlin firmware, which I've heard supports this feature, on the Arduino Mega, the Repetier Host and Server applications will continue to operate well with the Marlin firmware?

  • Sure, they work also with Marlin. Just make sure you use the Marlin version with the patch for the sensor.
  • Thanks again for the replies.  As always, and for others searching your posts, in my over 35 years of dealing with Customer Service organizations, I have found your responsiveness and knowledge exemplary and well worth the requested donation!  I continue to wish the best for you and your company!
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