Velocity Painting makes volumetric flow rate super high

I've been trying to use the velocity painting tool. I can slice the object just fine and when I inspect it via prusaslicer g-code viewer, the volumetric flow rate shows to be around 3.836. However, when I create the velocity painting, my volumetric flow rate shoots up to around 1410.782. Everything looks fine, just the volumetric flow rate is causing issues. I've checked my slicer and it's showing the correct parameters, I've tried limiting the flow rate and volumetric flow rate in the slicer, and can't find anything in Repetier to change it. Any ideas what's causing the volumetric flow rate to fly through the roof when using velocity painting?


  • The error is probably in velocity painting settings. After all this is done by changing a fixed speed you gave for outer perimeter by low/high value interpolated set in painter settings. And if these vary too much you get exactly this.
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