Trying to get 2 fans to go at different speeds.

    First let me say that I love this Software. It has helped me so much.
    I have a CR 10. I installed a Micro Swiss to it and the Grill fan is cooling too much at 100%. I took the grill fan off the always on connection and put it on the second fan control pins so that I can lesson the speed so that it can reach higher temperatures. It's working but I'm having a hard time getting the 2 fans to go at different speeds and a lot of the time just 1 fan will work or both fans just blow at the same speed.
    I'm very new to all of this so an overly simplified explanation would be appreciated. : )


  • With multiple fans it depends on firmware what happens. With our manual fan controls we send in M106 commands P0 for first and P1 for second. Slicer normally do not include Px and that normally defaults to extruder fan P0. But you need to configure firmware such that the always on fan is connected as P1. In server config just increase fan count to 2 and you see at least second fan control.
  • Thanks for the reply. I bought a 24v 70watt heater cartridge. I put the grill fan back on the always on pins and it is working really great. The temperature fluctuates quite dramatically now though. I'm wondering if the Heater is too powerful or maybe run a PID test to fix it? I already ran a 200c PID test. Is the temp wizard included in Rep the same as a PID test?
  • The temp wizard in server is not to control temperature - it is to get timings on how fast a extruder heats/cools down for better time prediction. So running it has no effect except better time prediction.

    Did you copy new PID values to eeprom so it gets used? Also what is dramatically fluctuation for you?

    Depending on what parts get cooled by the fan you may need more power. On the other side if you exchange a low power cartridge with higher power cartridge same PWM frequency will give much more move so swings are much too high then. In both cases you need to adjust PID to swing less.
  • I read a book and it told me to type an M301 gcode command to set the PID values. Then it said to type "M500" to store it. When I did the M500 command I got no response that it was stored. Maybe it stored it still?
    When I try to initialize EEPROM on the screen it is acting like it wants something on an SD card. A firmware update? I do not know how to change the configuration.h file.
  • Some boards have no eeprom or firmware is configured to save eeprom data to sdcard instead. Would also mean if no sdcard is present it will always start with default values. Assuming you use marlin
    shows details on M301, but M500 should normally save it. Check with M503 what the currently values are to verify. Do same also after printer reset to see if it was permanent.
  •   It did save it. I think it's the circuit board that is causing the fluctuations. I have an Ender 3 that I just put a 4.2.2 Creality circuit board in and the temperature is so smooth. No Fluctuations. It has the exact same Micro Swiss hotend and heater cartridge.
      I geuss I should get a new board for the CR10. It has one of the old Creality circuit Boards in it.
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