Virtualprinter too Slow

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I'm writing a plugin for Repetier Host 1.5.4, it' s a particular application and I need to use the Virtual printer, In Older versions the Virtual printer was really fast and allowing to see even complex object build in real time on the screen (I know that in theory settings of more than 250000 bauds should be enable a fast setup but it's no true), but now even choosing speeds more than 250000 bauds the simulated print job still really slow compared to the older Repetier versions.
There is a chance of have a Virtual printer with the old good performance?

Thank you very much!



  • Ok, checked the code and found why it is now so slow. Version 1.5.5 will be as fast as it was before. Should come the next days after checking all reports for more things to fix.
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    The last good working version was 0.95F
    Thank you very much!

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