Repetier clicks, but doesn't extrude

Hi! This is getting a bit frustrating. Halfway (maybe not even that far) through a print, PLA no longer extrudes. There's a loud, repetitive clicking sound while it is trying to push the filament through. ABS works fine so I thought I just had a bad go at cheap PLA so I picked up name brand stuff (I found this one). Same problem. With the Repetier mod, you can change extrusion temps right from the LCD so I played with that without improvement. To be fair, ABS print quality isn't great, but at least it will finish a job. I don't understand what is wrong. I'll take the machine apart and clean everything, but aside from that, anyone have any ideas?


  • The clicks is probably motor loosing steps or filament drive scrapping filament but getting not enough force to push through due to blocking in extruder part. For pla temperature must be lower or material will get very fluent, creep up over time and block the extruder. Especially if it leaves the designated melting zone passing the heat break. If it is some material with glitter or other stuff it might also clog the nozzle outlet it self having same result as it gets not through. If you assembled the extruder your self it might also be an assembly issue if there is a gap in heat break where material flows in. 
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