Just bought an XYZ Davinci 2.0a With Repetier - HELP please lol

Hi, I'm pretty computer savvy and have programmed Arduino's before, so not a complete noob.... but...

I recently bought a Davinci 2.0a which has already been flashed with 0.92.10M 

The second extruder isn't registering and when it does a print, it's REALLY fast but the resulting model just falls apart when you take it off the bed, so I'm guessing the configuration was a bit off. As well as the bed size is wrong lol.

I'm struggling to find the correct settings and trying the online configurator, I have no idea what I need to be selecting for Processor (i think it's mega) Motherboard (literally no idea lol) Printer type, or EEprom usage.

Most other things I can probably figure out with trial and error, but if anyone can help me with the basics, or even has a working config I can use, then that would be awesome. 

Any help is much appreciated! 



  • Please note that the original repetier-firmware does not support DaVinci. What you have is most likely an installations of luc fork who made special adjustments for it. With that it should be easy to figure our correct settings as they are already set for the printer. Check his github for more informations.

    Normally you can change settings like steps per mm in eeprom without any need to recompile firmware. Just call the eeprom editor in Repetier-Server or Repetier-Host.
  • Ah ok. Thank you. I need to enable the second extruder really and as far as I can see it’s not a setting in the EEPROM editor, but I’ll have another look. I’ll check the Luc fork too.

    Thank you for your help.
  • You see it easily if you all extruder settings twice it should already have dual extruder support, otherwise you need to recompile.
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