Bed unlevel but height map says otherwise?????

Hi Guys

Im getting an uneven bed even when using auto level and z correction!

if you have a look at the pics below you can see height map shows a good bed but when printing its way out and digging into the bed.

any ideas on whats going on here???

Pictures here


  • I do not agree that height map shows a good bed. I has a difference of 0.5mm between highest and lowest point. That is more then a normal layer height so it is bad.

    You should be aware that z-correction is not added in height map, so result may differ in reality. Also z correction degrades to 0 over z height, so depending on layer height and degradation settings this might cause on even distances.

    I think I will add z correction inclusion for next host update. So we can see what happens with and without correction. Reason it is not included is that the z correction was written after the height map.
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