EEPROM missing value for dual extruder setup


I have two separate extruders (each one has it's heater, can send my config if you need it).
I'm running latest marlin 2.0.x + latest repetier 2.2.4, it took some time to figure out, but repetier is missing at least one EEPROM value: Tool-changing Z hop (TOOLCHANGE_ZRAISE in marlin config_adv).
It's been stored into EEPROM, but repetier doesn't show it, so it stays in EEPROM even after re-flashing with changed value in marlin and re-importing EEPROM backup.
Might worth to get latest marlin and check for more missing params there, especially for double extruders.

Here are the last lines of console output when reading EEPROM by repetier:
06:37:59.322 : echo:; Material heatup parameters:
06:37:59.338 : echo:  M145 S0 H180.00 B70.00 F0
06:37:59.357 : echo:  M145 S1 H240.00 B110.00 F0
06:37:59.357 : echo:; Hotend PID:
06:37:59.373 : echo:  M301 P28.85 I2.55 D81.55
06:37:59.388 : echo:  M301 P28.85 I2.55 D81.55
06:37:59.389 : echo:; Bed PID:
06:37:59.405 : echo:  M304 P189.12 I32.51 D733.35
06:37:59.405 : echo:; Tool-changing:
06:37:59.405 : echo:  M217 Z0.00

(this "06:37:59.405 : echo:; Tool-changing: 06:37:59.405 : echo:  M217 Z0.00" - is missing).

P.s.: Also there is a small bug with this website/forum - if before registering enter and sing up from that page, then after submitting all data, you'll get redirected to "permission denied page", and somewhere on it you'll need to find "approve your email" text, which is kinda wrong and uninviting :)



  • There is even a whole bunch more parameter depending on configuration. Got them from docs and will add them on next server and host release.

    You can of course still set them manually,  but eeprom should be as complete as possible of course.
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