High readings when auto leveling - XYZ da Vinci aio 1.0

I'm pretty new to 3d printing.and even newer.to repitier. Ever since flashing over I've been having nothing but problems trying to get my da Vinci 1.0 leveled. When using auto leveling I keep get readings in the 5-8mm range, the lowest I've been able to get it is 4.1 mm, and when I start a build the extruder digs into the bed. My understanding is I should be aiming for 1.5ish. can anyone help point me in the right direction for this?


  • What you see is distance nozzle-bed when sensor triggers. At which that happens depends on when your sensor triggers and is different for any printer. Therefor you can modify the trigger distance so it matches your printer. The eeprom value "Z-probe height [mm]" is the distance nozzle-bed when it triggers. So if homing z and going to z=0 crashes into bed the value is too high and you need to lower it. Once it is set correctly for your printer leveling should result in correct level. After each change you need to relevel.
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