extruder alignment

I have a davinci 2.0 that I just upgraded to repetier firmware. I am also using repetier host. My issue is getting the extruders aligned to do multi color prints. I cannot seem to get the extruders aligned with each other to print the second color on top of the first. At home position, the right extruder is right of the bed 16mm and the distance between extruders is 38mm. In repetier host I set the offsets per these numbers but the print is misaligned.


  • Please do not set alignment in host in this case - leave it 0. This does nothing but undo an alignment you defined in slicer.

    The correct solution is to define it in eeprom using the extruder x,y,z offsets. Take extruder 0 as reference and enter distance there. Watch out - in configuration.h it is in mm but in eeprom it is distance in steps so multiply mm distance with steps per mm for that axis.
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