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Hello evryone,

I'm doing a 3D printer, type: COREXY
I don't know what thing wrong I did in my firmware. When I try to turn xstepper motor it turns well, when I try to turn the Y  stepper motor, the one that turns is the stepper motor of X ,  Y and Z don't move at all! It's a week now, still have the same issue. If anyone can help me please.
To put you in the picture, I'm using: 
Motherboard: MKS GEN L V2.1
Driver: DRV8825
Endstop: optical endstops

Thank you. 
Type of COREXY:
coreXY movement direction in GRBL11  Issue 344  gneagrbl  GitHub


  • Sure you assigned Y motor pins to Y motor and not X motor?. 
    Of course when you move in x or y direction alway both motor run. Only on diagonal moves only one of them would turn. At least when in core xy mode. For testing it might be a good idea to compile in cartesian move just to test the motors are set correctly.

    Also there are security checks that might prevent motors from moving. Make sure
    reports no sensor triggered, check that you can also move when not homed (assuming you did not when it moves wrong). If you home move back far enough to untrigger end stops.
    G1 S1
    to disable boundary check, so position will not prevent moves as well for testing.
    Check eeprom if all motors have a valid steps per mm/acceleration/max speed setting.

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