Dobot & Repetier

Hi! I recently purchased a Dobot Magician and would like to use the 3d printer to show students. However my technical experience with codes is none. But, I have tried to find answers because I thought it would be simple to do something basic and I could be so wrong.
I have 
Repetier V1.0.6
I can load the image and I can slice the image. I have tried to manually place the dobot to the center of place to print but the light on the dobot stays orange. So,  I use the M415 code and then it moves Y & Z to zero. But the X is at 96.81 and all of the numbers are red. When I click on start print the numbers all change to x:-60 y:-60 and z: 5
If anyone can direct me to a tutorial or anything that can help me simply print the basic squirrel that would be so wonderful!!
Thank you


  • Did not know we can connect to dobot and that it uses regular gcode. Isn't that this robot arm?
    Anyhow red coordinates appear if you have not homed.
    That probably won't work so with
    you tell host that you are at homing position and it assumes you have homed so coordinates switch to black and moves are limited to bed area, position is homing position.
    Hope this helps a bit.
  • You are correct, t is the robot arm. I will try it by homing it first and then setting the item up for print and see if that helps. Thank you so much for your response.
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