Repetier-Host 1.5.2 and 1.5.4 crashes

Hello all,

I'm using the versions mentioned in the subject on two separate Printrbot models.  Both are having crashing issues.  While heating up for a job the heated bed (sometimes the extruder) will stop heating before it reaches the desired temp.  When I stop the job, it says "Heaters are still operating, should I kill them" or something to that effect.  Hitting yes or no is irrelevant.  Neither will turn the heaters off.  If you try to disconnect, it asks about the heaters again.  If you try and X out of the software, it asks about the heaters again.  The only way to kill the software is to Control Alt Delete, turn off the printer, and load Repetier back up.  It has brought my production to a halt because this is happening across both printers at least 50 % of the time I try and to print.  Any advice?



  • The problem is here that you started heating and this is blocking communication. So the commands to turn off heaters can only be send after heating is finished. And then it really disables heaters and disconnects (at least in my tests).

    If you have printrboard you could use emergency stop in that case. With printrboard hitting printer reset will also stop print and disable heaters.
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