Repetier firmware on Da Vinci 2.0A DUO

Hi Repetier,

There seems to be quite a few issues with Repetier firmware running on a Da Vinci 2.0A DUO.

I know you don't have any manufacturer support for this, but I suspect the "Da Vinci 2.0A" community might help out.

Could you define a donation level needed to make it a worthy priority for you?

I don't know how many other da vinci 2.0a owners are out there that would contribute (please chime in if your reading this), but I am happy to put in a good whack (enough to cover at least a few hours of your time).

From my perspective the issues to address would be

 - Extruders swapped (left is right and Vice Versa)

 - Print area's a bit ...weird (causing axis over drive and limited print area)

 - A nice firmware Installer, with a rollback option.




  • You are right, we get no support for firmware from xyz and it also makes most work while giving no direct revenue. So it is hard to spend time for these issues especially without having a printer. And we also can not have all printers and make simply binaries for all of them. That is beyond our available time and would be more the target for a helpfull user managing a special website for a special printer where users can download binaries and update with a simple avrdude command. We are working on a solution so firmware can present download urls for firmware binaries in our server, but that level will take some more time till it is finished. Then you could present different versions to install sorted by date.

    Extruders are defined by xoffset. Just swap offsets if that is not the order you like.
    You losse a small stripe with double extruders so you can switch extruders everywhere. I guess this is the stripe you are referring?

    What might come is also a database of configurations for different printers from enthusastic users offering them. In any case it will be beyond our possibility to test them all, but it would help users getting started more precisely.
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