What do I need to know to update the firmware for BOXZY

I got a Boxyz from a friend but the company went out of business so not a lot of support available.  Everything works fine, but the firmware is version .10 which I'm guessing is really old.  From what I can tell it's running a custom version of Repetier.  Is there an easy way to update the firmware?  I found the firmware config tool but it's asking a bunch of questions I don't have.  Also looks like someone ported GRBL to run on that hardware, not sure if I should consider that.

Maybe my first question should be: How do I backup the current firmware :)


  • We don't have that printer so can't say much about what they run at all. If it is a 8 bit software and from the age I guess it is, the only regular way is using avrdude I guess, also I never did it. But if you google for that you might find a solution. Nearly all printer of that time used a bootloader compatible with avrdude.
  • I pulled the actual board info and it looks like it's using an Ultimaker 1.5.7 jj/sw/edb.  Is the AVRDUDE for backups or for flashing new firmware too?  Is there a way to use the current firmware to get answers to the questions the Firmware Config tool is asking?
  • avrdude is for both. It is not really possible to extract the data from a compiled binary. What you can is check the values like steps per mm, acceleration and max. speeds, but that is all. Motor drivers are most likely just step/enable/dir signalled drivers, so nothing special. Heaters are also uncritical. Biggest problem is the thermistor type as different types have different temperatures with same resistance. So selecting wrong type will work but give you wrong temperatures. And of course you need to find out the pin usage. Since board is known you can just follow the cables and see what is connected to which board connector, so just work or you find a list somewhere.
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