Control Tab locking up but only with Prusa Minis

When I access the control tab to make changes on my Minis the pages start to stutter, lock up, and freeze. My MK3S have no issues but the Minis seem to freak out. Any ideas? 


  • Is this under same conditions. Especially the control tab is heavy during print and the more content a layer has the slower it can get.

    Do you have ping-pong enabled for prusa mini? If not at least we get the printer stuttering sooner or later - not that you mean that.
  • The printer is printing fine and doesn't stutter just the interface on repetier is wigging out. Ping Pong is on for all minis. This happens under the same conditions. Even printing the same item it happens. I also have a super overpowered server for Repetier so I know its not a performance issue from the box. (Dual Xeons, 128GB Ram, 500GB SSD)
  • Power of the device running the gui is more important here I guess. But I'm not sure what exactly stutter looks like in this case. 

    Does it have a webcam view open? Especially high res webcams also increase cpu usage. If you mean with stutter what I imagine i can only be cpu usage related. You can see cpu usage in taskmanager and see if one process jumps up when you go to that page. But only big cpu eater I know are webcam and the 2d drawing getting updated on that page.
  • No webcams on any of my devices (just use Wyze on a seperate VLAN).

    CPU process percentage is .07.

    Ill try and show you a video.; CPU is for sure not getting any type of performance hit at all. I tried a different browser as well same thing. Super funky. I reset the server and its still happening. Ill just have to deal with it i guess. The previous firmware version for repetier was great and didnt do this. not sure what could have changed. 
  • In deed strange as it is working fast on the other printer and no cpu usage. If you can also export the pis xml printer configuration and post it. Maybe it is a setting in it that causes it.
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