Extruder stops heating, only when still hot from previous job.

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everything works, but one situation - nearly always, when i stop a print and start a new one after 1-3 minutes, while the extruder is still cooling down, it won't heat up anymore.
I start the new job, the extruder is between 120 and 160, it heats up for a short while and then stops?
When i reconnect, there is the same problem. 
It only goes away when i start a job while the extruder is below 100 (this number is guessed, it just works at some point)

any ideas?

i might add: repetier latest version (had the problem before), firmware - latest i think - from 0.92 web configuration tool


  • I have seen the same issue. I killed a print because I forgot something, rushed to correct it and get print restarted so it wouldn't take too long to reheat. Didn't work. Held one heater on (extruder I think), reheated bed, and then crashed. Shut everything down, reconnect and print as normal. 

    Marlin was working better for me, but Repetier is MUCH easier to change settings. Love how the EEPROM works in Repetier.

    Repetier Firm Ware 0.92. (tried 0.91 but it won't compile in Arduino IDE). MKS Gen Z2 control board. 
  • You should watch the log. I think you triggered the decouple test so printer went into dry run mode. In log you will see the reason, so you can relax the condition like giving it more time to heat up 1°C before triggering.
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