MakerBot Replicator Interface (REVB) on RUMBA firmware configuration

Hi!, I am trying to connect the MakerBot Replicator interface (Display + buttons + SD) to a RUMBA. Buttons and SD had no problem (I had to add a voltage regulator 5V to 3.3V, but that was no problem).

I want to know if it is possible to control the protocol used by the LCD controll electronic board Replicator Interface in "Manual definition of display (uiconfig.h)" with firmware Repetier.

The LCD is controlled by only 3 pins using the integrated circuit HEF4094B (8-stage shift-and-store register ):


I think that is not a communication I2C protocol, I think it's serial (Or maybe I´m confused)

Here the Replicator Interface schematic

Is it possible to configure? How I can do?



  • sorry for gravedigging.

    there is a "liquid crystal" replacing lib where you can talk to a parallel-LCD with a serial shiftregister like the original arduino lib.

    maybe this will help another people trying to get the makerbot diplay in working condition.

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