repetier host issues

I have been using repetier host for quite a while now, I am using version 2.1.6, it has developed two issues I cannot solve. When I start a print, I home all axis, host then retracts the bed 30 mm while everything comes up to temp. When the print starts host does not return the bed to the home position thereby extruding filament into thin air. The second issue is that I cannot change the bed temp, I was set at 97c for abs but now I want to use pla and drop the temp to 70c. I set host for 70c but when the print starts host heats to 97c reliably. I have set all settings in the printer config but host is ignoring my changes


  • I should have added that I am using a davinci 2.0 upgraded to repetier, it has been working well up to this point
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled repetier host and solved the homing issue but I still can't over ride the temperature issue
  • Does not sound like host is ignoring, sounds like slicer g-code just overrides your settings as you send them after setting values and these are normal part of the start part in gcode. You need to reconfigure slicer to correct g-code and reslice the object with new temperatures. It uses the temperatures in selected filament for heating bed/extruder normally. Exception is you have hardcoded temperture in start g-code for slicer or in host start g-code.
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