help please

hi everyone. just wondering if you could possibly help me with my problems,you see i thought i would try 3d printing and bought a cheap reprap a8 printer, it has repetier firmware but i dont think it has loaded properly on to either my laptop or printer. ive had the printer for about 12 months now, and have only printed cubes on it as i have had lots of problems due to being new to it my problems are 1)can any body tell me how to upload repetier firmware upgrade from my laptop to my 3d printer as i have it downloaded on my laptop.2)how do i tell what mainboard i have and wether the new version is compatible with my i have bought a self leveling sensor but cant get it to work as it doesnt know its there yet searched everywhere on the printer but with no success.many thanks and would appreciate any help just go easy on me as im not the brightest of people when it comes to this kind of tech lol 
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