How to slice several models in once?

I buy a 3D scanner for 3D printer and often scan objects from my customers and print these models for them. So, I need to print several models in once. How to slice several models in once and export them into one?


  • You can load multiple stl files and pace them on the bed. Then they get sliced for concurrent print that of course takes longer and needs ore material.
  • To slice several models at once, you can follow these general steps:

    1. Use Slicing Software: Choose a 3D printing slicing software or 3D scanner app that supports batch processing or multiple model slicing. Popular slicing software like PrusaSlicer, Cura, or Simplify3D usually offer this functionality.

    2. Import Models: Import all the 3D models you want to slice into the slicing software. Depending on the software, you might be able to import multiple models at once.

    3. Arrange and Position: Arrange and position the models on the virtual build plate within the slicing software. Make sure they are spaced and oriented correctly to avoid collisions during printing.

    4. Apply Slicing Settings: Configure the slicing settings for each model. Adjust parameters such as layer height, infill density, print speed, supports, and more based on the requirements of each model.

    5. Group and Slice: Group the models together as a single print job. Many slicing software tools allow you to group models and treat them as a single entity. Once grouped, initiate the slicing process.

    6. Review and Preview: Review the sliced layers and preview the toolpaths to ensure everything looks as expected. Verify that the supports, infill, and other settings are appropriate for each model.

    7. Export G-Code: Once satisfied with the slicing settings, export the G-code file. This file contains the instructions for your 3D printer to create each layer of the models.

    8. Print: Transfer the generated G-code to your 3D printer and start the printing process. The printer will produce each model layer by layer, according to the slicing instructions.

    It's important to note that the specific steps can vary depending on the slicing software you use. Some software might have batch processing features explicitly designed for slicing multiple models efficiently. Make sure to consult the documentation of your chosen slicing software for precise instructions on how to slice multiple models simultaneously.

    As for slicing software options, you might consider looking into popular options like PrusaSlicer, Cura, or Simplify3D, which are known for their versatility and features that support batch processing and multi-model slicing.

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