Rollback to XYZ

Hi Repetier,

While I appreciate your efforts, I don't feel the Repetier firmware for the Da Vinci 2.0A DUO is quite production ready.

I have donated to help keep you going as I would like to see the results of a Version 1.0 release, but in the meantime.....

How can I get back to the XYZ firmware on my Da Vinci 2.0A DUO?

While it has it's issues too, there weren't any that had me concerned about damage to the hardware (issues are logged in this forum).

Any help would be appreciated




  • would really like to revert too, sigh :(
  • I guess you would need to upload the old image then which I hope you have.

    I have no da vinci so I can not say if they host them somewhere. Also I know someone is maintaining a da vince fork or my firmware, which is maybe the better starting point.
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