Extruder offset with tool change and nozzle calibration

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I have a made a DYI Core XY printer with tool change and want to make it easier to calibrate X and Y offset in the EEprom without every time to upload a new firmware also. Can I make the tool select and deselect command + the offset from EEprom?

My tool change docking position is fixed position and do not no need calibration, but when I change the nozzle etc. I need to make some small X Y offset corrections in the EEprom without correction to the tool docking position.      

Like this?

#define EXT0_SELECT_COMMANDS "G1 X352.85+EXT0_X_OFFSET Y338+EXT0_Y_OFFSET F30000\n G1 S1 Y375.9+EXT0_Y_OFFSET\n G1 S1 X327+EXT0_X_OFFSET\n G1 S1 Y338+EXT0_Y_OFFSET "
#define EXT0_DESELECT_COMMANDS "G1 X327+EXT0_X_OFFSET Y338+EXT0_Y_OFFSET F30000\n G1 S1 Y375.7\n G1 S1 X352.85+EXT0_X_OFFSET\n G1 S1 Y338+EXT0_Y_OFFSET"
#define EXT1_SELECT_COMMANDS "G1 X265.8+EXT1_X_OFFSET Y338+EXT1_Y_OFFSET F30000\n G1 S1 Y379.2\n G1 S1 X230+EXT1_X_OFFSET\n G1 S1 Y338+EXT1_Y_OFFSET"
#define EXT1_DESELECT_COMMANDS "G1 X234+EXT1_X_OFFSET Y338+EXT1_Y_OFFSET F30000\n G1 S1 Y379.2\n G1 S1 X265.8+EXT1_X_OFFSET\n G1 S1 Y338+EXT1_Y_OFFSET"

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  • You can not compute in g-code. But is the tool change position so critical that the 0.0x mm difference you might correct make it fail it fail. 
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