Shared Directory

I have 6 printers all of the same model and I am seeing I can setup a shared directory. How do I complete that so I can print directly from that directory instead of slicing and sending. I can see that I can choose which printer I want to share files with but Id like to have a folder so that all printers can share with that one file. Is that possible?


  • They share the g-code models which you can use to start a print. Each printer still has a own queue. So you say e.g. printer 1 is source of models and printer 2-5 have set shared directory to printer 1. Then you upload g-code to a group on printer 1 (2-6 would do the same) and it will appear for all 6 in the g-code model list. Then from each of them you can start the print for the active printer.

    An alternative without rendering is storing g-code in projects. In a project you can send g-code to print and select 1 or more printer to start printing the file. But as projects are not bound to printers tehre is no rendering and computation of time etc.
  • If they share gcode how do i find that. Say I have sent a print to printer A but I want to print that file on Printer C. And later print a different file from printer D on Printer C. Do I need to go in and change the shared printer every time?

    One more question if you dont mind. I just set up repetier on my big linx server that has a 500gb hdd. When I set it up i never found a way to allocate a specific amount of hard drive space and it only allocated 80gb. Is there a way to give the server more space? Thanks again for this software. It has made managing my small print farm so much easier. 
  • No, all stored models are always visible to all printers that share the directory. But I mean model folder not the print queue! Print queue is always per printer as that is what you are planning to print on that particular printer.

    Server uses the folder /var/lib/Repetier-Server so it has as much space as the drive occupies. You can move it somewhere else and make a hard link from /var/lib/Repetier-Server to your real directory if you want and have more space there.
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