Repetier is duplicating a piece of code in all my G-codes

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I am new to this and have produced G-code with Cura for about 30 objects by now.
My Ender V2 is stand alone (SD card).
I needed to modify the code for a bed level test, so downloaded and installed the free Repetier (host and server).
The modification went perfect for the bed test.
But since, all G-codes I am generating with CURA include (automatically) the code I modified for the bed level test.
So I have to open each code with Repetier, to delete the extra lines and save it again on the SD card.

Any clue ? May be an installation setting I missed ? Should I desinstall and install again ?



  • Did you add the g-code to cura engine start g-code so it is always included in any g-code?
  • No, I never have played with the Cura start/end codes.
    I suspect I have by clicked by error somewere in Repetier that takes the code to every other G-code, but no idea.
  • Hello Repetier, I just checked the start and end codes of Cura and the code lines are there.
    I dont recall having put it there, as I needed the Repetier sintax explanations to understand what each code is doing.

    Wahtever, I now deleted the code and should be OK

    Thanks a lot
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