Connects but won't print--also, blue circle?

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I can connect to the printer, home it, enter a couple of G-Code commands, and the only thing it won't do, as far as I can tell, is print. The nozzle moves around, stage moves around and then everything just stops. I have Repetier-Host version 0.56 for Mac and am running it on a newish MacBook Pro, with Yosemite (don't think that's the problem though). When I slice an object and look at the sliced version, a thin blue circle surrounds it--that doesn't happen on other people's computers when they print successfully. Another person, on a MacBook Air, is experiencing the same problem with the same printer--can't print, weird blue circle. I'm doubly confused because someone else on a slightly older Pro has the same OS and software as me but is able to print fine. This is a BioBots printer if that makes any difference. New to this so any help is appreciated.


  • The circle is the skirt I guess without seeing a picture and that is fine.

    You might want to use to send your print jobs to the printer. There is also a mac version for it. In future it will also get a slicer. Normally there is no reason to not run print jobs if manual moves work.
  • I just got a tevo tornado, it connected & will read commands i give it through the printer's menu on the console like "sd card inserted ok", "command front right" etc. But when i try moving the printer or uploading a print, no response.
  • Enable ack/commands and show a log of the problem.
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