When is G-Code Save done?

I saved a sliced G-Code file and saw in WIN file manager that it was about 16MB.  I dragged and dropped that onto Octopi and then started up the print.  It was to take 13 hours so this morning I was surprised when it stopped at about 11 hours without finishing. 

A look at the G-Code on the Pi and on the Win PC showed it was 16MB but editing the file showed it never finished with about 10,000 lines to go.

Back into Repetier, slice again and look at it with the G-Code edit feature.  The file did end.  I once again saved it with a different file revision in the name and then looked at it with the external editor.  File complete but it was 22MB in size, not 16MB. 

I can only assume that I closed Repetier before it had finished writing out the complete file.  So the question is when I click on "Save to File" how do I know it's done?  Repetier-Host V2.16.  I have just downloaded the latest version so perhaps this is fixed or more clear?



  • When the host ui responds again I would assume safe is finished.

    Regarding size it might also depend on how you save. Some save buttons remove all comments to reduce size for faster processing (safe to sd card especially) while normal save in editor saves 1:1. Saving 22MB just takes 0.2s or so so on recent hardware -  until you switch it would normally be saved.
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