Fan on Pin D9 no output

I have my extruder fan plugged into D9 on my Ramps 1.4 board, in the Repetier firmware #define FAN_BOARD_PIN was at -1 as well as in Pins.h as per default. The red light which indicates the fan is on does not light up and i am getting zero voltage from D9. I changed #define FAN_BOARD_PIN  to 9 as well as Pins.h to 9 according to another forum post. I am still seeing zero voltage from D9. Everything else seems to be working perfectly except the fan. I would put the fan across the AUX 12v but my Z-probe uses that, are there any other inputs that might turn the fan? 


  • FAN_BOARD_PIN is not for the fan controlled by M106. Pins.h has set that already correct but extruder 2 heater uses it as well so make sure to have NUM_EXTRUDER set to 1 and enable the fan feature to make it work at all.
  • I see
    #define NUM_EXTRUDER 1 so that is correct in config.h
    #define FEATURE_FAN_CONTROL true
    I reset 
    #define FAN_BOARD_PIN -1
    #define EXT0_EXTRUDER_COOLER_PIN -1 (Should this be 9?) 

    in Pins.h I see 

    #define HEATER_0_PIN       10
    #define HEATER_1_PIN       8
    #define HEATER_2_PIN       9
    #define TEMP_0_PIN         13   // ANALOG NUMBERING
    #define TEMP_1_PIN         14   // ANALOG NUMBERING
    #define TEMP_2_PIN         15

    heater 0 is he extruder heater 1 the bed? and 9 the fan I assume

    #define ORIG_FAN_PIN            9  

    i dont know what else could be affecting the output of D9, the board is brand new, and everything else works. I tested the fan, im just seeing no output whatso ever not even the red light on the Ramps board. any ideas? or maybe a way to force current through D9 for a test.
  • Yes, that is how it normally works. No real idea why it doen't. Maybe a hardware defect. As a test upload the blink program from ardunio sketch samples and replace led pin with 9. Then D9 should go on and off if hardware is ok.
  • Yeah I'm not getting anything out of it with the blink program. So I guess the next solution is an alternative fan Pin configuration. Does anyone know if those Aux pins on the bottom can be set to run the extruder fan? 
  • New development, i connected the extruder fan directly to power so its just always on when the printer is on (not the preferred solution) printer probes, heats up and runs M106 which causes the LCD to blink and then the whole thing locks up, still no voltage coming through D9 during the failure. the Heat stays on during the lockup (lucky the fan was direct connected to my power supply, so I didn't end up with a melted pile of PLA with some smooth rods sticking out) Something is hitting a brick wall on D9 but i dont have any voltage leak or anything sign of what is happening other then the lockups
  • If you have lockups you should definitely activate the watchdog to reset the board in that case. Also there are different kinds of lockups - if your temperature gets still regulated it is more a communication broke which is often with bad PSU/usb cables.
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