Case light on/of during print

I've installed Case light on Repetier 1.4 and it works fine.
But when printing there is no menu item to control it.
Is there any way to fix it?
Thank you!


  • You can use
    - M355 S<0/1> - Turn case light on/off, no S = report status
    in connected host. E.g. Repetier-Server has a switch for it in interface.
    Or if you want during prints add it in start / end gcode so all files printed enable the light.

    In menu there is in deed no switch to enable it. You would need to add that function if you need it there.
  • Thank you, I'm using M 355.
    I need light for just few minutes during the print, when I'm checking printing process.
    Because I do not know how to add this function to menu, I will add mechanical switch.
    Thank you again!
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