How to setup an ESP8266 Wifi Module on Repetier Firmware?


I recentky bought an ESP8266 -01 wifi module, flashed it with a transparent tcp-serial bridge and wired it up to the AUX-1 on the RAMPS (D1 D0). It was working very well on the Marlin firmware with only a change of BaudRate to 115200. I used the following firmwar eon the ESP module

But when I switched to Repetier Firmware (0.92), it doesn't work with just a baudrate change. What else should I do??

Thank you


  • Not sure if D0/D1 is the right place to connect. This might interfere with usb/serial converter. In 0.92 you can use a bluetooth port in addition to the normal port. It's nothing else as a second serial.

    I don't know the board but if it needs nothing after being configured to do conversion it should work. You might need to add a delay at the beginning if it takes a bit to come up.
  • Hi,

    I switch on the Wifi module only after like 10secs of powerup. On RAMPS motherboard, all the other serials are in use. 
    How is it that Marlin doesn't have an interference on D0/D1? Could it be the difference between Marlinserial and RFHardwareSerial? 

    If I could get this thing to work, it would be awesome because one can literally turn your printer Wifi for less than $5.
    Thanks for your help...
  • let me know if you get it working. i am trying to add wireless to a few different types of printers, but the ramps shield limits options
  • I did not say D0/D1 will not work - I'm only not sure since the arduino has a second chip for usb that sends or might send signals on the same lines. That is what I meant. If they do nothing if no usb is connected it should be no problem.

    RFHardwareSerial is the original arduino serial code only with bigger buffer (127 byte) and faster modulo operation. But it is the first that gets initalized so connected hosts can see error messages etc. It uses the normal serial avr functions like Marlin does.
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