pause at particular layer in gcode from sd card

I think this question has come a lot of time in the past and i cant find a satisfying answer to it. I tried m600 but that doesnot work from a sd card print. 

Is there a way to stop a print at a given layer ? 

I need to stop the print to insert fabric and then continue the print

sorry if this a duplicate question but the answer to it is not easy to find 



  • For sd print
    - M25 - Pause SD print

    then you just continue the print. Make sure the head is not over object when you pause or you get a blob.
  • thanks for the prompt reply! . it works like a charm . i have one issue though. The command seams to timeout in some time. what is the timeout period? I need a longer duration to pause to glue the fabric pieces in place before continuing the print! thanks again 
  • There is no real timeout, but there are timeouts to disable heaters to protect extruders. See in eeprom editor there are 2 timeouts near top that can be disabled with 0 value.
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