Extruder/bed not heating up with new install

I recently had to replace my Ramps 1.4. I had Repetier .92 installed on my arduino mega 2560, i tested all of the functions on the ardiuno/ramps with success (steppers move, extruder heats up, temperature readings are correct and so on). After installing a Heated bed and Inductive sensor I modified the firmware config.h file to support the bed and sensor, re-flashed the arduino and now the extruder as well as the bed no longer get hot (Thermester readings are still correct) 


  • woops i clicked post before i was finished.   

    Temperature readings are still correct)*  my motors still move. However, I am not getting any voltage out of the extruder and bed contact points on my ramps board, therefore the boards are not heating up. 

    im running windows 8.1 repetier host with repetier firmware .92 on a arduino 2560 ramps 1.4 setup.

    thanks for the help
  • Check log in host when connecting or resetting board. Firmware might go to dry run for some reason. Also check not to use a output multiple times. e.g. fan uses D9 just as second extruder would, so one disables signal of the other.
  • I don't use the PC host (have never quite got it to work) I re-imaged the Arduino, and this time everything seems to work except the X-axis which may be something simple; I haven't troubleshooted it yet. Still don't know what caused the Heat problem initial, the bed does heat up incredibly slowly but that may just be the 12v set up as opposed to 24.

    Thanks for the help, if I figure out what caused the initial problem ill pass it forward
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