How to use Z and E0-4 like as X,Y stepper motor

Hello, i wanna ask something about and sorry for my poor englisn plz :'(

i using tt oscar board(it is just for multi color printer, has XYZ+E01234 fins) with repetier but have trouble with using Z and Extruder.

stepper motors work well, but I don't know how to set on the Z and E fins.

at Z fin, stepper motor sounds tic-tic with G1Z10F20000 input.
(motor has 27 gear ratio, Step angle: 1.8˚ / Rated voltage: 12(VDC) / Rated current: 0.4A)

how can i  set Z and Extruder options to work like XY stepper motors? maybe configuration and motion file..?
its making for robot arm !


  • Please use white spaces between parameter in gcode!
    You know that you can only run one of the e motors at a time?
    Tic-tic is most likely lost steps. Especially if it is a high pitch sound. It can also be a unconnected phase of a motor.

    Which firmware are you using? V1 or V2?
    I don't know the board and I don't think we have it in our list so guess you have it added as user defined board?
  • sorry for my inexperience  :s
    I use repetier firmware neweset version, tt oscar is similar to MKS gen board series but just more E pins.
    In marlin, it is setted as

    I wonder E motors connot be run at the same time.
    is it impossible to solve it through SW change? I think XYZE pins have same HW logics just difference with repetier setting.

    thanks for reply!
  • V1 can move 4 motors XYZE so when you need to move more axes you need V2 where we also can have A,B,C axis in same motion. In V1 you can switch motor assigned to E so that one of them moves. Normally the one with the active extruder.

    E motors can run same time if used as mixing extruder but they have then complex dependencies based on mixing ratio, nothing you want on a 7 axis robot.
  • Maybe its better to write the Arduino code than to modify repetier firmware.. :bawling:

    your answers helped me to understand a lot. thanks :D
  • Search for ROS (robot operating system) to control something like that. There you also get inverse kinematics and more. Just might be that it does not work on arduino 2560. Have never used it so can not say much about it.
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