End stop state unaffected in LCD

I have a Radds-board with Smart Controller from RepRap Discount, latest firmware (0.92.3).

I'm having some issues with my end stops, the thing is, triggering the switch manual doesn't change the state in the "Position" sub menu. Only when the motors are operated, and that causes the switch to be triggered, does it change from off to on in the LCD sub menu.
Sending g-code M119, to check end stops, from the interface-host works without motors are being operated, and end stops being triggered manually. Homing functions also works, so it's not a huge thing.

I noticed because I have another printer with same firmware (0.92.3) on a RAMPS-board with full graphics controller, and the end stops changes state immediately in LCD menu, when triggered manual.

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  • Endstop handling has changed to better filter cross talk. As a result endstops get only tested when needed and firmware does not know you manually test them. Now they are only tested upon M119 or when moving with endstop check enabled e.g. for homing.
  • Thank you for your reply!

    I was wondering if these changes are published somewhere?
    Github doesn't appear to be up to date?

  • You need to check the work092 branch for recent changes to 0.92. But I think it is not mentioned there so that you would see it. I'm a bit lazy with updating changelog - or to be more exact I tend to forget that part.
  • I understand.

    Just a heads-up, as long as I can get my answer here it's cool.
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