Parametri Driver TMC2208

ho appena acquistato 4 driver TMC2208 da installare nella scheda Megatronics V3.3.
Cosa devo modificare nel firmware per utilizzare le funzioni speciali del Driver?
Che tipo di parametri devo inserire nel firmware 1.0.5dev?


  • V1 is not compatible with TMC2208 drivers. It only supports TMC2130 as programmable drivers.
    V2 supports TMC2208 as well, but does currently have no Megatronics V3.3 support at the moment. Mainly because the board description is not adjusted at the moment avr2560 support is expermentially available, but might have unexpected problems.
  • Posso utilizzarli senza configurarli?
    O devo aspettare la versione v2 per megatronics v3.3?
  • Most plugin versions of TMC2208 require the config to set at least good current and microsteps. Can't say what default values would be. The step/dir/enable interface will work without but you will most likely hav eno chance to set motor current. Microsteps gets I think set my some MS0-2 pins. So better check if there is a poti for current then the answer is you can use it, otherwise not.
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