7Inch Waveshare FHD 1920*1080

I purchased a new touch screen from Waveshare. It has a resolution of 1920*1080 FHD. It was interfaced with Raspberry Pi 3 and loaded Repetier Server Image on that. I was getting output on the new screen, but its icon and looks small compare to the screen size. I need to scale up the size of the icons and the entire screen. Can you help out to resolve the issue?

I was trying to change the aspect ratio on config.txt, but there is no result in the output screen.
hdmi_timings=1080 0 112 16 160 1920 0 4 10 10 0 0 0 60 0 140000000 1
display_rotate=1 #1:90;2: 180; 3: 270


  • 7" is for resolution width 1024px or 800px from our css/design. Full HDMI is like having retina without telling the browser about it so it does not interpret 1px as 2 physical pixel making it so tiny.

    In the chromium command line
    I did not find a switch, so guess it takes it from linux. But can not say how you would tell linux about the wanted ratio. Googling shows lots of different things like text scaling factors on different os etc. Question is what chromium would take to change behaviour.

    One thing that might work is selecting in config.txt a lower resolution so display scales up. But that would cause a less sharp image compared to making chromium switch to pixel ratio 2.

    One last solution would be to compile own css as describe in our online docs. You can change in config size of icons/sidebar/fonts so they will be bigger. 

    Maybe someone knows a better solution? 
  • Hi, I shared my screen images which are taken from a 7inch FHD monitor. I want to scale up this icon menu. It's very difficult to access the icon on touch screen.. Anyone can suggest how to scale up the icons?
  • > Hi, I shared my screen images which are taken from a 7inch FHD monitor.
    Haven't seen it. You need to store it somewhere externally like imgur.com

    I only know the 2-3 solutions I posted above. Problem is that you have high DPI screen and linux/chromium does not handle it like high DPI so everything is tiny, so you can just:
    - make linux dpi aware
    - reduce resolution
    - recompile css with bigger icon sizes

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