Home position inverted

Hi all,
I have an Ender 5 where the home position is in the right rear of the printer. Repetier believes it to be in the front left. During most prints its not a problem, the print just occurs backwards from what is illustrated.

On some occasions the print head will crash into the print, once it is complete, as the x/y axis heads back home.

How do I make Repetier understand where the home position is?

Many thanks,


  • In printer settings you define homing position which host assumes after homing, so all you need is to change it from default 0 to what you have. Just home and send M114 and you see the correct coordinates in the log.

    On the other side xy moves after print should never be able to crash into anything if z is higher than last z so add a increase z at end of print to prevent this in any circumstance.
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