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So I have a He3d K280 printer and it raises all the way to the end stops and then it should lower to the min Z position however it stops about 20 mm too short and I can’t make it lower anymore..

how can I fix this?


  • So you are homing to z max with end position at bottom? In this case z length determines where firmware thinks z=0 is. So if it stops too high, z length is too low.
  •  On the K280 printer the Z end stops are at the top.. that is fine then after the end stops are triggered it starts to lower until about 20 mm from the hot bed and I can’t get it to go lower.
  • What is the homing configuration in your firmware config? Did you test increasing z length?
  • Which line would that be under?
  • Multiple lines that set homing behaviour and dimensions. If in doubt post the top part of the config file (not the big comment at the end). 

    The z length can be changed in eeprom editor of your host software.
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