New Thermistor displaying above actual tempature

I have a Rostock max v2 running repetier 91. When you set the hot end to preheat it will quickly shoot up to its targeted temp even though its only slightly warm to the touch and is not hot enough to melt abs. The hot end Im using is not the stock one. It is a a E3D V6. Ive tried everything on the E3D Wiki and it just wont work.


  • The thermistors in the website are not defined by vendor/type so I guess it has a characteristic that you haven't defined. All we know i sthat it has 100K resistance at 25°C. You can compuzte a generic curve with B value but these get higher errors the more you go away from 25°C and abs is quite far away. Maybe it is the epcos type predefined since it is the most popular one.
  • Do you think I should just buy a new thermistor 
  • At least it is quite useless to have a thermistor when you do not know the resistance-temperature curve exactly. We have some common types predefined and for others you can define a user table using the datasheet of the thermistor. There you normally find also a more exact table that is not computed from B value. If you find such a sheet for your themristor that would also work for yours I guess, if not it might be easier to buy a known type.
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