Geeetech A20T multi-extruders function

So I am new with 3D world. But I have been using repetier host with the cura engine because it seems print alot better and faster than using the actual Cura software.

My 3D printer has 3 extruders and I have no issue with multi color printing when I have two objects. But however sometimes I just want to print an object with a single color and that specific color maybe either on the extruder 2 or 3. But when I slice it, it will automatically default to extruder 1.

Same goes if I want to slice with 2 colors only. The colors I want to use is on ex2 and ex 3, but when I slice it and ready for print it will change it to use ex1 and ex2 instead.

I know if I use the cura software, the program can print it as I command if I just want to use the ex2 and ex 3 or just ex2. But using cura software for some reason seems alot slower to print.

Is there a fix for this? Or specific gcode I need to modify.


  • No real fix for it. That curaengine version needs to start with first extruder assigned to a job. However you can write a version where start code will use e.g. second extruder by selecting it and explicitly assigns the temperature to that extruder. I#m not sure if it adds a T0 on it's own for single color print. If not that should work otherwise you need to remove the command after slicing.
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