X And Y dimension ?

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Hello All :

I have a question below .

Motor step angle  :1.8

Belt pitch (in mm) =2mm (GT2)

Pulley tooth count =16

Steps per millimeter =100

when I move the X=50mm  , I got real dimension is 30mm , What wrong with my Delta . how to correct my delta printer .  change DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD or some  parameters .

thanks .


  • Check eeprom settings. Maybe you had different steps per mm in first upload. Same goes for delta dimensions.
  • Hi :

    I have clear eeprom settings then re-upload firmware  , use G code G1 X50 Y0 Z0 , it is still move 30mm  by hand measurement . Can any way to correct this . May i change DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD   more or less .

    Thanks .

  • How did you clear eeprom? Depending on the soltion it may not help. SImply check your eeprom values and you know, why so complicated and hope it did what you want?

    Diagonal rod may have some influence but did you measure is wrong? 40% is a lot.
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