Convert RH printer definition to file I can upload to Repetier Server?

I have a manually defined printer in Repetier Host in linux with various values.xml files under ~/.mono containing the definition. Is there a simple way to convert that to a file I can upload to Repetier Server? (I could certainly manually copy all the info, but I thought there might be a simpler wsay).


  • No there is no export function, sorry. But depending on firmware server guesses a lot correct when installing with the wizard.
  • Yep, I got it defined semi-manually. One weird glitch: I told it the firmware version was Smoothieware, and it complained saying, "Hey! You told me Smoothieware, but this looks like Smoothieware to me!" I eventually said, "Yes, I'm sure" and haven't had any problems.
  • We have defined a special answer to confirm firmware version. So if you have smoothieware your version has probably a different response then the one we programmed. In case of smoothieware we expect

    System Clock:

    Yan you paste the printer response on connect and also on "M115" command? Maybe I see the problem then so I can fix. But you can ignore that message in this case. 
  • Haven't learned enough to get communications logs from the server yet, but here's what pronterface sees:


    SENT: M105RECV: ok T:25.0 /0.0 @0 B:25.5 /0.0 @0Printer is now online.>>> M115SENT: M115RECV: FIRMWARE_NAME:Smoothieware, FIRMWARE_URL:http%3A//, X-SOURCE_CODE_URL:, FIRMWARE_VERSION:edge-6a3b837, X-FIRMWARE_BUILD_DATE:Aug 28 2020 22:01:51, X-SYSTEM_CLOCK:120MHz, X-AXES:5, X-GRBL_MODE:0, X-CNC:0, X-MSD:1RECV: ok
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